Registration Form for Population Association of Japan 2017 Annual Meeting

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Schedules until the meeting (plan)
Deadline for registration of submitting reports and/or participation:March 20th, 2017
Deadline for submission of abstract:March 20th, 2017
Receipt of acceptance for presentation:Around mid-April, 2017
Tentative program open to the public:Around mid-April, 2017
Deadline for making revisions to abstracts:The end of May, 2017
Final program open to the public:The end of May, 2017
The 69th annual meeting:June 10th and 11th (and 12th for inspection tour), 2017

The Program Committee for Population Association of Japan (the Chair: Kohei Wada)
E-mail: paj2017[atmark]

Registration for PAJ 2017

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Schedule of attendance at sessions: Saturday, June 10: Sessions
Saturday, June 10: Reception
Sunday, June 11: Sessions
Monday, June 12: Inspection tour

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Session list: Symposium: Demographic problems in Tohoku region - past, present and the future? - People having lived with natural disasters -
Theme Session 1: Population from the perspective of regional studies
Theme Session 2: Subjective Data in Demography (possibly in English)
Panel Session 1: Regional varitaion in population and family: Urban-rural comparison from a hisotrical perspective
Panel Session 2: Low Fertility in East Asia and Women's Employment (in English)
Panel Session 3: Comparative study on people's perception of fertility decline and its relationship with the family and labor market policies (possibly in English)
Panel Session 4: Marriage and fertility in Japan, based on the 15th National Fertility Survey
Panel Session 5: Biodemography of fertility
Regular Sessions

Only invited speakers can apply for Symposium and Panel Sessions.
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