Registration Form for Population Association of Japan 2018 Annual Meeting

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The Program Committee for Population Association of Japan (the Chair: Kohei Wada)
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Schedule of attendance at sessions: Saturday, June 2: Sessions
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Session list: Symposium: Living and happiness
Theme Session 1: Population from the perspective of regional studies
Theme Session 2: Considering the unspecified problem in national census
Panel Session 1: Demography of induced abortion and infanticide
Panel Session 2: The application and development of mathematical demography in biology and epidemiology: The mathematical viewpoint in demography
Panel Session 3: Future projection of population and household: methodology and the estimated results with the way of thinking
Panel Session 4: The comparison of youth economic independence and family formation between Japan and Korea
Panel Session 5: Family strategy vs child welfare: Comparative studies of adoption using micro-level data from the 18th to 20th centuries (in English)
Panel Session 6: Conclusive discussion on healhy life expectancy
Panel Session 7: Evaluating the effectiveness of policy to tackle with low fertility from the perspective of quantitative and historical view
Regular Sessions

Only invited speakers can apply for Symposium and Panel Sessions.
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